Enjoy your meal in a private space when travelling to a resort. Connect the users and chefs Business trip food matching service partnership started!

September 15, 2022

~ “Travel x Chef Dispatch” handled by a venture hotel brand VOYAN Hotels~

The Resort Chef

Operating company: Chanoma Food Service Co., Ltd.
Representative name: Gen Tsuchiya Overview: A matching service for on-site cooking that connects chefs with the ones who want to enjoy meals in a private space such as their home or accommodation.

What is The Resort Chef?

The Resort Chef is a a sevice that offers a dispatch by matching that travelers and chefs handled by Chanoma Food Service Co., Ltd. Based on the concept of "your own chef in your own space", we offer a special villa-type accommodation for travelers who value their private time instead of a hotel where a large number of people gather. We aim to provide you with an exceptional dining experience.
*Customers can make reservations directly at the link below. Please check the details of the business trip chef on the website.