[Limited to 2 groups per day] A rental villa-type hotel for 2 households

This facility is the best space for workcation,
where you can walk to the newly built detached house and Irabu Ohashi Bridge.
Since it is located in Hirara Kugai, which is the center of the main island of Miyakojima,
it is ideal for long-term stays.
[Limited to 2 groups per day] A rental villa-type hotel for 2 households.
Experience extraordinary life in a spacious West Coast-like space of 2LDK over 70㎡ each.
I want to enjoy all the beaches of Miyakojima to the fullest. It is a facility where such feelings come true.
Private parking is available.
There is also a washing place on the way back from the beach.

[Started a partnership with a Chef Dispatch]
The Resort Chef is a a sevice that offers a dispatch by matching that travelers and chefs handled by Chanoma Food Service Co., Ltd. Based on the concept of "your own chef in your own space", we offer a special villa-type accommodation for travelers who value their private time instead of a hotel where a large number of people gather. We aim to provide you with an exceptional dining experience.
*Customers can make reservations directly at the link below. Please check the details of the business trip chef on the website.

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