VOYAN Resort 富士山中湖・月湖荘

HINATAxVOYAN "A new memorable travel experience, with a token record of the stay”, VOYAN HOTELS issues limited NFT membership with benefits!

5月 01, 2022

■What is「HINATA」?

Hinata is the NFT Marquette place that fuwari opened.

The difference between Hinata and the general NFT platform is focused on three points of media management, "eco transactions" and "smart" available, creators, and features a user friendly site management and functionality.

-Exclusive limited NFT membership with benefits at VOYAN HOTELS.

To commemorate the renewal and reopening of Gekkoso, we issue a VOYAN HOTELS limited NFT membership with benefits. This membership with NFT art, with limited stock, will be a special digital membership with a long-term accommodation discount. Members will also receive special members-only information from the VOYAN HOTELS Group. Please take this opportunity to get a new experience of NFT art + travel.

-About the NFT art membership

NFT art
Title: One Day in VOYAN FujiYamanakako Gekkoso
Produced by: gugenca Co., Ltd.
Issued by: VOYAN HOTELS Co., Ltd.
Outline: An original art piece with the concept of “The world seen through the window of enlightenment created by VOYAN". The art of Mt. Fuji seen from Lake Yamanaka, transitioning from morning to evening.